ECHL Additions Coming Soon?

Cliff Rucker, a converted hockey fan and business man, is in the throws of a bid to bring the ECHL to Worcester. He is meeting with the ECHL Board of Governors to hear their decision on the matter in the coming days. Why is this important? Simply put, it demonstrates the potential hoops that Oklahoma City would need to jump in order to bring the East Coast Hockey League (wink wink) to the Sooner State.

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I Watched The NHL All-Star Game. I Hated It.

I watched the NHL All Star Game.

I hated it.

Long before social media, these types of events were fraught with excitement. It felt organic to the viewer because, quite frankly, the polish didn’t need to be shiny, the veneer translucent, or the sheen remarkable. They were about our players, our teams, our moments rather than re-digested and fabricated situations. Timeless moments were captured before our eyes, and placed on our walls via posterized versions. With so many sports snippets calibrated for millennials the creation of so-called All Star moments happen daily, and at almost every hour. Gfycat, Vine, Periscope, and Twitter Video are incredible things, they really are. Yet we just aren’t “wowed” anymore, and that’s okay.

So I watched Little Pavelski and Little Burns score on a breakaway. I giggled at the Chewbacca bit. I continued to the love speedy Larkin. I thought the 3-on-3 format was amusing. But it all felt like a generic product. One seen often and quickly dismissed. In terms of the game and festivities – I hated it.

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43 Games In, San Antonio Rampage Advanced Stats

We’re back with some AHL advanced statistics. After following the Oklahoma City Barons in years past, I’ve turned my focus to the other teams in the league. New this season, I’ve added Points Per/60 and NHLe for each player.

Today, we focus on the San Antonio Rampage. The Rampage are in their first season as the AHL affiliate of the Colorado Rampage. Playing in the newly-minted Pacific Division, the Rampage sit fifth in the division with an 18-18-7-0 record (.500). Through 43 games this season, here are the stats for the San Antonio Rampage.

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Edmonton vs. Dallas Is Tonight. Why I Can Love Both Teams.

Since the Dallas Stars have been in existence I have been a fan. I couldn’t help myself. They scored a lot, won a lot, and played a passionate style of hockey. A fan first by geographic location, over time IĀ learned to truly love the team southbound on I-35.

As the seasons rolled on there were teams that I grew to despise in those early days, teams that beat my Stars literally AND on the scoreboard. Although they were a winsome bunch most of the time, there were a few teams that really seemed to turn my smileĀ into a scowl. One such team was the Edmonton Oilers.

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Major (Minor) League Football Potentially Coming To Oklahoma City

h/t to Eric Rodgers for much of the investigative reporting on this story.

You have probably never heard of Major League Football. Quite honestly, I am a fan of the pigskin, and I hadn’t heard of them either. The truth is, however, that there was been a burgeoning movement for a smallish, spring time, smaller city league that helps prop up the NFL in ways that perhaps the collegiate ranks can’t quite accomplish quickly. But if you live in Oklahoma City, and what appears to be seven additional cities throughout the US, MLF is something you are going to want to take a look at.

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