Yann Danis Headed Back To OKC


Photo courtesy of Rob Ferguson. All rights reserved.
Photo courtesy of Rob Ferguson. All rights reserved.

Announced last night, following one of the most impressive Oilers wins in recent memories, the team announced that they’d be sending Yann Danis back to Oklahoma City.

Dubnyk is fine. Khabibulin is fine. And Yann will continue his duties as the number three man in the organization, landing with the AHL Barons for as long as he needs to. And Yann seems to embrace this role very well, yet there’s a few things to consider when reassignments like this take place. Mainly in the life of prospect goaltender, Olivier Roy, who will probably move back to Stockton of the ECHL.

The Barons struggles, mainly on the defensive side of things, occasionally stem from the goaltending they receive from Danis, Hovinen, and Roy. All three are having less than desirable seasons, but somehow make things work just enough to earn the Barons points. As we saw in the Rockford games (and nearly in the San Antonio game most recently), we’ve yet to see a Barons goaltender play a full three periods of amazing hockey. Perhaps it’s a consistency issue, where the players have moved around enough throughout the later portions of the season that they aren’t finding the groove needed to really solidify the protection of their own net. But I tend to lean on the veteran goaltenders a bit more in crunch time, so to some extent, Danis is a sight for sore eyes.

Regardless, Yann is headed back to OKC. Watch for Roy to head to Srockton. And assume that Hovinen becomes the number two guy in that span.

The Barons face the San Antonio Rampage tonight for their second meeting with the team in four days. Should be a good/important one.

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5 comments on “Yann Danis Headed Back To OKC”

  1. I personally wouldn’t call the W against Chicago “one of the most impressive Oilers wins in recent memories”. They were absolutely rubbish for 40 minutes of the game (or fine, 35ish minutes), they did perhaps have one of their most impressive periods in recent memories though. Also, Khabibulin is never “fine” ūüėČ
    Shame Danis didn’t really grab the¬†opportunity¬†(or was given a fair¬†opportunity both by team mates and the coaching staff¬†to make his mark) this time around either. Sadly he’s probably done in the organization after this season, which again, really is a shame ūüôĀ Here’s to hoping for a Danis turn of events leading the OKC to the Calder Cup!

    1. dohfOs And I’m anxious to see where Yann lands next year. He’s been such an important player within the Oilers org.

      1. neallivingston Aye and I really hoped that he would do well enough with the Oilers to earn the backup spot for next season. Buuut, not to sure that he did.

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