The Bear & The Abney Tangle

Corbin Baldwin, currently on the Orlando Solar Bears roster, was called upon by the AHL Aeros to do some policing of the Oklahoma City Barons Saturday night in Bricktown. There was never a question as to why he was called up, no one made any qualms about that. And unfortunately for Baldwin, the game Saturday remained pretty tame.

So it was high comedy when he strutted onto the ice, matched up with Barons tough guy Cameron Abney, and the two did the ice cold rhumba with very little fanfare.

The bout is below:

Published by Neal Livingston

Born in the great state of Ohio, now nestled in the middle America we call Oklahoma, Neal is the head writer & chief farmhand at Tend The Farm. I kinda miss farming the Oilers.....

2 comments on “The Bear & The Abney Tangle”

  1. Not a lot of opportunities for either one to get any good shots in, but it was a spirited scrap. I know some don’t like this side of hockey, but with the young talent we put on the ice…it’s necessary to be successful. Hockey is a sport based in physicality. Some teams succeed on this attribute alone, while others find the perfect balance. Bringing up Zahn and Abney is the right step to finding that balance. Not to mention, it puts butts in the seats. We need butts in the seats if we want to continue to enjoy hockey in OKC!

    1. @erichross┬áThe balance is key, you are so right. And forget “Think outside the ball”, the motto should now be “We need buts in the seats”. Great suggestion. LOL

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